We at EWR work as a catalyst for our clients in maintaining timely filing of monthly contributions online to the PF Department. We also help in smooth transferring of PF contributions between Organisations, Fast Withdrawal process of PF etc.


We at EWR help our clients to promptly file bi-yearly returns and also monthly contributions for ESIC. We also help employees in availing facilities available through ESIC.


Professional tax is levied by a particular Municipal Corporations and majority of the Indian states impose this duty. It is a source of revenue for the government. The amount payable is in line with your salary, there are predetermined slabs. It is paid by every member of staff employed in private companies. It is deducted by the employer each month and sent to the Municipal Corporation. We at EWR help you to promptly remit the amounts on a monthly basis as per the slabs determined by the respective State Governments to the concerned Commercial Tax office. We also facilitate in the registration process for organisations wanting to set up their business operations.


Our team at EWR are having distinct experience in dealing with matters related to Labour Departments under AP Shops and Establishment Act and Contract Labour Regulation and Abolition act like registration of new organisation, Renewal of Labour Licenses every year, Remitting Labour Welfare fund, Filing of Quarterly/Half yearly and Annual Returns with respect to the Acts applicable to the organisation accordingly.


As per the Payment of Gratuity (Central) Rules 1972, EWR helps in calculating the Gratuity Pay-offs. We also liaison with the Central Labour Commissioner office for any gratuity related cases pending on behalf of our clients and close the same accordingly.